Who Is Involved

Implementing the three strategies supported by STEPS to Care requires a strong care team. The following roles are recommended for this care team.

patient navigators, care coordinators, program directors, and primary care providers work together to serve the client

  • The Client is at the center of the three strategies supported by STEPS to Care. Through working with their patient navigators and the rest of the care team, clients learn to take charge of their own health outcomes.

  • Patient Navigators are the front line staff with the closest relationship to the patients. They help build self-care skills and provide patients with home-based health education.

  • Care Coordinators supervise, mentor, and guide patient navigators. They are responsible for intake assessments, participating in case conferences, conducting case finding, and record keeping.

  • Program Directors are responsible for developing programs, processes and guidelines that comprise their own STEPS to Care program. They oversee daily operations to make sure the program is running smoothly, and ensure that care coordinators and patient navigators have the support they need. They oversee all monitoring, reporting and quality management activities of the program.

  • Primary Care Providers give medical care to the clients participating in the program. They participate in all referral and case conference activities and keep staff apprised of important clinical events.